Welcome to Our Spiritual Haven on the net. Please feel free to sign up and join us on our beautiful new adventure that hopes to help everyone that discovers our site. Respect, Love and Trust and Honesty in the Harmony of Friendship.

This Spiritual Haeven is a learning environment intended for all interested in the path to guide us through psychic, intuitive, mediumship and, positive energy.
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 The Dream Behind It All

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PostSubject: The Dream Behind It All   Mon Aug 24, 2015 4:32 pm

Our Dream: Our Dream is to create and build a warm, but friendly place of Sanctuary for open thinkers, free flowing conscious and open minds, By building this community on friendship and positive thoughts, attitudes and actions we can transform ourselves and this site to where it is meant to be for this time in our journeying.

We do firmly believe in the existence of energy within the spirit world and other dimensions where higher consciousness and awareness exists with purpose; we want to help people in the best way we can with pure intentions at heart. That's why we have created our humble offering to you so that you can find somewhere online to call Home.

We hope to build it without Ego interfering with our work, so please just be yourselves on our site. That means no hidden or ulterior motives, no agendas, no negative intentions or over-controlling/coming on too strongly to either staff or members in a volunteer position. If you want to help out just let the Owner know but keep your egos out of it,  walk your own path, not attempting to journey along other peoples' pathways.

Respect, Honesty, Acceptance, Truth, Trust and Support as Friends do is the best mindset to have while helping other people. Acceptance within our dream is a must as this site is intended for all members and potential new friends or helpers that find us here at Spiritual Haeven. We want this site to become a candle of light with old time spiritual folk that are wise enough to know how to respect a community and site...we do appreciate the help though from anyone that would like to genuinely help out.

We Welcome both new ways of approach to the same knowledge and the old ways of knowledge on our site provided the intention is all for positive reasons and higher intentions only, and if it works for you well then trust in that it truly works!

Peaceful Blessings
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The Dream Behind It All
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