Welcome to Our Spiritual Haven on the net. Please feel free to sign up and join us on our beautiful new adventure that hopes to help everyone that discovers our site. Respect, Love and Trust and Honesty in the Harmony of Friendship.

This Spiritual Haeven is a learning environment intended for all interested in the path to guide us through psychic, intuitive, mediumship and, positive energy.
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 Forum Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Guidelines   Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:08 am

These are Our Guidelines for Spiritual Haeven. Founder/Owner reserves the right to amend these at any given time as deemed fit.

SpiritualHaeven is a learning environment for people intrigued by the path of psychic mediumship and magick, with positive energy and by developing our intuition we know we can communicate with the angels and spirit world bringing back messages of confirmation as informative evidence of existence from Spirit that exist as positive and higher guiding energy. We believe that by opening this site we can help souls that are open-minded and alike in interests in exploring this pathway further to the point where we can start to develop our intuition and spiritual gifts to help other people answer their own calling and start by finding their direction on their own paths. **Membership is for Adults Over 18+. **

Practice Readings and Energy healings are freely offered and freely given. As we are a non-profit organization community site, we do not charge for any money whatsoever. We do feel and realize that a worker such as ourselves do need to pay bills and what not and we do understand the need for charging but please do not charge anyone actively participating on our site. Practice readings and Energy Healing sessions ought to be completed with tact and care and positive intention only.

Please keep your tools separate from spirit work. No Oujia boards are permitted to be used on site as it instills uneasiness if the tool is used incorrectly and will harm someone in the process. Safety is your first concern... if it doesn't sit right, don't use it, trust in your instincts. Ground and Protect always as you are working with energy on our site. Please be sound of mind to work on our site... that means nobody ought to be using tools to connect to spirit as its best to go through direct communications to work with spirit.

Be aware that nobody is to be seen as more inferior, superior, greater, no less than, or more than anyone else on our site. Everyone is equal and accepted as an equal. Preachy posts, posts that aren't relevant such as trolling, idling, spamming and anything deemed unsuitable will be deleted without warning and spammers banished from our site.

So as to ensure that your work is genuine. Ego must be taken out of the equation. No Egos are permitted on site. Practice Readings and energy healing are not to be taken for granted or to include medical advice. We are not mind-readers therefore we cannot make your decisions for you. only you at the end of the day down to free will and freedom of choice is able to make the final outcome decision for you. Practice Readings and Energy Healing are offered to Anyone over 18+. While we do look at future possibles in practice reads with tarot, etc, the future is not set in stone, we all of us have the free will and freedom of choice do decide our own fate.

SpiritualHaeven makes no claims or representations as to the accuracy of: relevancy or quality or quantity of information given. Spiritual Guidance given here does not assume any liability as to any person or being for negligence or loss or damages including physical, mental, special, indirect or otherwise caused in relation to the suggestion or guidance provided to you through this Site. Medical and Personal Burdens must be taken to a local Doctor, GP, or medical profession or counsellor before further action is taken.

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Forum Guidelines
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