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 AA Cassiel

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PostSubject: AA Cassiel   Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:46 am

Divine Loved Ones,

We are joined here today with the aid of Archangel Cassius, bringing through this message of divine upliftment. I am the angel of peace, of personal power, and retaining your self sense of worth. By forgiving yourself you can find that many will forgive you. But first you must forgive yourself to achieve that sense of forgiveness within your soul.

Todays' message is about: Focus. Focusing and sharpening your psyche through meditation non and guided meditation is beneficial for the soul. To sharpen your mind and focus it so that it is sharp and aware enough for spirit to come forward into the folds of consciousness and awakening.

Many souls are awakening in this era are lost and confused as to why they got here at this time. You need the reminder that everyone is meant to be where they are at this divine timing is working consistently in order to bring about change in your lives.

Should things feel out of sync, know that we are working to bring forward personal transformation in relation to fine tuning your energies so that you do feel in sync, with everything that is happening in the world, today, know that you are protected from the negativity that's out there, you are shielded with the aid of the divine. Not many people know the era of ascension is all to do with positive thinking. That luck and success are all to do with the fruition of knowledge and wisdom, good deeds and good actions which help another.

The golden age of Aquarius is just about that, finding the balance to work within a focused mind. If therefore you are feeling lack of focus its possible you just need more centring and grounding with your chakras, aligning and divining too. Lack of concentration often leaves us to be feeling scattered with our energies, into struggles of power caught between many.

We are not the bringers of death, but we are helpers of the other side.
We do help anyone in need, as you should on this side. Karma, premonitions, anything that is good and brings justice... so that revenge does not prevail.

Kind Blessings and God bless.
Team of Stormfaerie and AA Cassiel.
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AA Cassiel
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