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 Working With Words

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PostSubject: Working With Words   Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:28 am

Bibliomancy – Using a words from a book to obtain  positive guidance with.

This is a simple method that anyone can use to bring about positive guidance in form of words. Depending on the type of book that you want to use, the words can be positively inspiring. You'd be amazed at what results you can find, trusting in your own intuition is a must.... kick aside all second thoughts. Remember we are working with energy even with using the words from a book as a tool, so you'll need to be grounded and protected up before trying this exercise.

Take a few breaths by breathing in an out so as to relax yourself, have a glass of water handy lest you feel thirsty... you should already have grounded and protected before trying this exercise...

now hold your book in the palm of your hand, open it to a open page at random in your book, close your eyes and run your fingertip down along the words stopping when you feel drawn to stop. That is the chosen word you will be working with for this read.

Repeat the process several times until you are certain you've got a good selection of words with which to work with.

When you are ready to begin the read.......focus on the first word, not trying to hard, or trying to force it.... slip your awareness beyond/through the word......so that you can psychically see/feel/sense the energy around the word in relation with your Sitter. Write down all of your first thoughts in relation to this energy...when you are ready to link out.... thank the all energies for their help today as its respectful to do that. Smile and have a few sips of water.
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Working With Words
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