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 The Blessing

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PostSubject: The Blessing   Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:58 pm

In this book I find
Secrets of old that entwine
Magic whose energies
Shine with age, written
Onto the glossy yellow page
With knowledge and wisdom
Restored with these words
Positive intent reborn,

As its onto this page I write these words
Blessed aren't you? To ask this book
To relay all knowledge and secrets, Look
At the past, the present in its glory
For we must write the future story
And through these actions
Our deed is good, for we respect
The forest and the wood
As we respect the moon and the sun
We know we haven't quite yet begun

Onto this page, the magic is sown
And the wings of the totem has now flown
Through the colours that bind and now unwind
Through the positive energies that cease to recline
Through this craft, a broomstick brushes the old
Away from the river and its rushes, the humdrum
Of every day life has been sung and the rhythm
Of which has almost begun...

Know this though should you peek
At the book's secrets and do not keep
Them revered in silence, until songbirds sleep
And the nightingale sings until the dawning hours
And a new day is beginning to yawn as faeries dance
Among the flowers, for this is the invocation
That is given unto you, as you sift through the information
And take what rings true... remember, the writer
The one with positive intention should you take these words
Out of that dimension, and shift it into a reality unknown
Know that karma is in motion already and justice is sweet
Blessed are those that know that the secret is yours to keep
Blessed are those that are trusted and are victorious
Blessed are not those that come across as imperious
Respect for these secrets that this book hides
Respect for the answers that you shall find.

Written by Stormfaerie
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The Blessing
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