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 Larimar - Soul Stone

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PostSubject: Larimar - Soul Stone   Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:56 pm


Larimar can come in polished stone form but also in cluster raw form. Exceptionally beautiful either way. It expands the mind and conscious possibilities of dreams, conscious wave of thought and helps to heighten the higher self.

Larimar is a great stone for crystal communication and it encourages language to speak through the stone itself. It aids in finding your own sense of inner calm and centerpoint.

Larimar is a soothing but gentle sky blue stone that is very peaceful to the soul. It encourages the person that is working with it to explore its insightful wisdom that this stone has to offer. Larimar helps one to find their soul mate and true love.

By embarking on the journey of communication, Larimar helps people to reflect and continue their path forward in gentle but fortunate steps.

Larimar encourages people to listen to their inner self and their intuition. This stone has a quiet energy vibration that heals the heart. This stone is sacred to the Guardians of Atlantis and also has a connections to Dolphins and the Natural World. If you are drawn to Atlantis, this stone would be the one to work with you.

Trust is important when working with crystal communication, this stone is also perceived as a worry stone which can be used to calm agitated and erratic energies down, works effectively especially in crystal grids.

While trust might be hard to come by, this stone helps by allowing you to look deeper within to help you find the answers that you seek. Trust, no matter how flawed, is harder to heal, but once healed, there is no going back to square one, the journey is ahead, not back. Look forward to your future, but not back at your past. Make the use of now. As the past is history.
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Larimar - Soul Stone
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