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 A Grounding Technique

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PostSubject: A Grounding Technique   Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:52 pm


Breathe in for four counts and exhale... don't alter your breathing... just become aware of it.... Allow yourself to let go of every breath... and relax...now on your inhale of breath, envision the colour of a ball of bright white healing light inches above your crown chakra. Carry on breathing to just relax and envision this ball of healing light as it spills over your crown center going within you and surrounding your body with white harmonious loving light and peaceful but positive vibrations.

If at any given time you feel tension either in your crown chakra, ask for it to be released and let go of and also surround this pain in divine healing light so that the tension can be released and healed energetically. Breathe in deeply as it fills your body and forms a column of brilliant white light that surrounds your body in harmonious and loving, peaceful but positive vibes and healing light.

Breathe in deeply again and on the exhalation of breath... release the body's tension and stressful aches and pains... notice it as it leaves you through the breath on the outtake of breath, do this until you feel fully relaxed.

Now you are ready to begin your journey. Begin by placing both feet solidly on the ground......... and envision a door opening up from the room which you are sitting within, but this door does not go out into the landing on the other side... instead you find yourself in a beautiful green forest...where the leaves are crackling beneath your boots... around you the forest is mighty quiet but in some ways it a peaceful kind of quiet, not too oppressive. You come into a clearing where there is a bench carved within an old tree trunk, just enough space so that you can feel a part of the tree itself. The tree is an old oak tree... a sacred fairy tree as well... gnarled roots stem from its floor, going deep into the ground. It is here that you will ground yourself...with permission from the tree herself.

As you become familiar with your surroundings, you listen and take in all the sounds of the animals around you that approach. Sit for a moment in quiet solitude and find a space in your mindset and consciousness where you feel comfortable to sit and be aware of things that are happening around you.

Now it is time to ground......... feel the energies of the tree envelop you and embrace you with a grounding but healing hug of peacefulness that can only be exchanged with the trees. Place your feet on the roots and notice as the roots themselves begin to wrap around the soles of your feet, anchoring them to mother earth, grounding them, ensuring that you remain completely and utterly grounded in body, mind and soul. Watch as the roots descend while wrapping themselves over your soles as they descend down further into the soil, through the grassy tufts deeper through the many layers of the Earth and right down to the bottom in the core where they wrap around the clear quartz point of crystal which absorbs all of your tension stress, aches and pain, anything which is not serving you to the best of what it could be serving you is collected within here. The crystal point is made out of clear quartz so it can transmute negative energies into positive energies and heal them with the energy of the Earth. You are now securely grounded.

Thank the Tree for her assistance today and Mother Earth for her assistance to ground with your energy. Thank the crystals for their aid as well. And don't forget to take a few sips of water so as to reground with your energies as well.
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A Grounding Technique
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