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 One of the old poems I found in my collection

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PostSubject: One of the old poems I found in my collection   Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:44 am

The Fire of Colchester

The naked glow of a candle flame flickers
As shadows mingle upon the wall
Notice the window has been left open
Trace the carved furrows lightly with your fingertips
Its frame is coated in a hoary mist
Bathed by the silver moonlight

Look at the sky, and
Watch the ethereal storm clouds approach
Static energy remains bottled
Bubbles are still waiting to be unleashed
The river Colne is over flowing with emotion
As the cascading water escapes
Already you can tell, something odd is afoot

Listen for a moment
As the chilled wind serenades above
Gently touching your bare neck
Outside, a wolf howls resentfully
Piercing the trembling tranquilly
Our sentries guarding the settlement borders
Keeping watch

The ground quakes beneath your feet
"What is that? What is happening?" A child whimpers
In the distance an army of fire appears
Trudging closer
A message is dispatched
The word is sent secretly
Through the systematic diadem of fiery beacons
Located randomly in the open wilderness
The warrior emerges in her royal chariot
Her name, you ask?

The name dances loyally
Tucked safely beneath the wings of a dove
Snared into the golden brim of a bracelet
It whispers, searching through the town
An invisible soul stirring both hatred and fear

What's That?
You turn round suddenly,
Only to hear...
Its just that heavy breathing again
So quiet you can identify a pin drop

Screams erupt as your nerves ping
Homes are on fire
You watch as the blaze spreads
And you realize that as
The rebels pass through town
London is their next destination
There is no mercy in this world.

Written by Stormfaerie
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One of the old poems I found in my collection
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