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 Clear Quartz

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PostSubject: Clear Quartz   Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:32 am

This stone is another speciman of the quartz family. While being placed up alongside amethyst it is excellent stone for aiding in indecisive decision making and for clearing up the old energies of negative energy that someone is sending out to you. Carry a clear quartz stone with you that's cleared if you are feeling negative in both thoughts and emotional self.

Clear Quartz stone is the ultimate healer stone which is pure and transparent and a calming energy to one's soul. It is capable of sending out healing rays and protection up against anything untoward. You can also ask this stone to send out healing rays with the crystal properties within them as well as working with the ethereal rays of the stone which in turn link in with the real stone itself.

Clear Quartz is also known as Quartz, Rock Quartz, and Crystal Quartz. It is also the master healer stone which applies healing in all areas not just the one area for one's path. Its chakras work with the crown chakra, and will amplify energy as well as thought so ensure all your thoughts are positive in working with this stone. Clear Quartz also stimulates psychic ability and intuition awareness and brings in the heightened vibrations of the energies around it. It is also an excellent healer stone for working with feng shui and space clearing like amethyst it can absorb any negative energy that anyone sends to you so a good stone to have around you as well.
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Clear Quartz
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